Up Up and Away

Angel worked overtime last week to join his ladies on their weekly outing to the local library. I got to sit back and relax while Hope and Angel bonded over the scheduled music and play time.

However, because he was the only dad in a room full of women and babies, it unfortunately brought about some unwanted attention from some nosy bystanders…

WARB 090.jpg

Disclaimer: Angel was gently and carefully tossing Hope (who is over 9 months old) a few inches into the air from a seated position. Angel’s a great dad who knows what he’s doing~

Backseat Cooking

In an attempt to lose my post-preggo (and Angel’s subsequent sympathy) weight, we recently decided to be more intentional about eating at home.

Angel has also recently become obsessed with cooking programs. And despite the fact that he doesn’t cook, he suddenly became an expert on all things food-related.

WARB 089

Hungry Eyes

Hope is really getting into solid foods.

With this new territory, however, comes her realization that there are more options other than the veggie/fruit purees I give her.

And all of those other options are found on mommy’s plate.

WARB 087

Pokémom GO

Angel and I started playing Pokémon Go when I was in my final trimester of pregnancy.

We’ve kept up with it since then, but being a stay-at-home mom in the middle of the suburbs keeps you from getting far in the game. And when something actually exciting happens, I’m usually stuck at home alone with the baby and can’t do anything about it.

But two days ago…

WARB 083